Nicole P (01.21.12, 11:27 PM): Woo! Congrats! I knew this would get first place. I got third, but I'm not bummed. I feel totally happy to have even placed at all! :) I had a lot of fun... and I can't believe I literally looked through ALL of the entries in every category. Very cool stuff everyone. Makes me want to be a better photographer :) Also Michael! I have a question! Should I email you regarding the 3rd place prize? (my jellyfish photo). I know my dad and I can't wait to start watching those Dvds :)

chaos2k (01.20.12, 9:29 AM): Congrats Anna. very cool shot

Max (DigiMax) (01.18.12, 6:47 PM): Congratulations Anna! I visited your Google + page and was blown away by your talent. Saw you again in 365 club but didn't connect the two until now. Again congrats, well deserved, I'm a fan, love your style.

Michael Andrew (01.18.12, 3:59 PM): PS- The composition, lighting, focus, color, other details (such as the scuba divers) are pretty much outstanding.

MIchael Andrew (01.18.12, 3:55 PM): @ Aric- What the other judges and I saw in this image was not as you say "a portrait", but rather a very emotional capture of a young boy's discovery and fascination with the animals in the Aquarium. No other image even attempted this angle, which is why it was able to set itself apart and gain 4 1st place votes, from either long time pros or other award winning photographers.

Debra (01.18.12, 3:37 PM): Congrats to the winner! This photo had my vote for first place!

Aric R (01.18.12, 3:07 PM): I know I'm going to sound like a complainer, but I don't see how this photo won for the animal section of the contest. The main focus is obviously the boy (which would be a portrait). I just don't think it's fair that a little boy won the animal portion of this contest.

Rob (01.18.12, 1:03 PM): Congrats to the winners!

Rose (01.18.12, 12:34 PM): Yes!!! Excellent choice for 1st place! Congrats everyone ! Thanks Michael and other judges for your hard work. God bless!

Lori_Z (01.18.12, 7:55 AM): Congratulations to the winner and to all the finalists, you should all be very proud.

Gabriela Mester (01.18.12, 3:21 AM): Congratulations!