asfanb (08.22.08, 2:19 AM): Hey, is this still on?? I'm from Malaysia. Just bought a G9. Lucky, I found your vids on youtube... it helps a lot... keep it up...

Ray (05.31.08, 4:51 AM): Well I am def to late for the DVD!! Found your site working the 6pm to 6am shift! Love the photography lessons!!! Awesome stuff! THX from Colorado Springs Colorado

michael andrew (02.08.08, 11:40 AM): Thanks everyone for playing! If you are a new visitor just say hi and let us know where you are from! We will have new contests coming shortly!

MARTIN EDWARD CUTHBERTSON (02.08.08, 5:31 AM): Colchester, Essex , UK i have recently purchest the 40d & i have enjoyed your short demo's on you tube far beter than reading text

Lee (02.06.08, 1:19 PM): Lee Potter, from Grand Blanc, MI. Just getting into Photography. Found your School site very informitive.

Heather Odom (02.04.08, 10:56 AM): Chelsea, AL

Chase & Kristin Layton (02.04.08, 8:42 AM): We live right down the road in Tuscaloosa, Alabama!

Jeni Ennis (02.03.08, 10:15 PM): Northport, AL

Marc Hansen (02.03.08, 11:00 AM): This 40D is maybe overkill for product shots but at least I can learn how to handle the camera for other shots. And that's why I'm here!

Tracy (02.01.08, 8:47 AM): St Charles, MO

Maria (01.31.08, 9:21 PM): Kaysville, UTAH wahooooo! I have an awesome friend in Alabama who might like the photo-shoot! :)

heidi (01.31.08, 3:12 PM): lee's summit, mo

Deene (01.31.08, 8:42 AM): Pick me, pick me! Visiting from Tulare, CA

Caroline (01.31.08, 7:41 AM): Sorry!!! Tuscaloosa, Alabama

Caroline Sprayberry (01.31.08, 7:40 AM): I would love to win the shoot so I can try AGAIN for a decent family picture. Little John Evan would not cooperate last time! This will be a neat contest to see where people are visiting from!

michael andrew (01.31.08, 3:01 AM): Tuscaloosa, Alabama....did I mention what a handsome guy you are?