Avon andy (01.10.12, 1:33 AM): Go cow girl

Rose (01.09.12, 12:03 PM): They are all amazing shots! I must say I'm partial to the shots of children... gorgeous!

art (01.08.12, 11:37 PM): #9 is outstanding...I vote for #9 for sure......

Rose (01.08.12, 12:20 AM): What is the "other" spot for? A write-in from the semi-finals? God bless.

mhellan (01.07.12, 11:57 AM): yehey i made it to the finals!!!:) im so thankful pls vote for my pic number 9.. so overwhelemed:) FYI the photo number 9 is not a girl:)

Ryan (01.07.12, 1:20 AM): Didn't make the cut myself. But good luck and congrats to those of you who did.

Gabriela Mester (01.06.12, 3:21 AM): You should put the numbers to each and every name cause it is hard to find out which name is which photo..