Sabrina (01.02.12, 11:54 PM): Wow, all those photos are so inspiring! I'm really proud to see my image in this choice!

Tengo (01.01.12, 7:44 PM): Lots of monkey business in this competition. Rules broken by an image broker because of crash "photographic" vision. Should let the world know...

Lori_Z (01.01.12, 5:33 PM): I'm very honored to have made the semi-finals in 2 categories, but I am also very disappointed in how many pro's have broken the rules here. They obviously have the means and equipment to already be considered professional and yet they want to take the opportunity away from someone just starting out or someone who will never be able to afford the equipment that they used to achieve these shots. Of course I got to the semi's using a T2i a Tamron lens and no photography training at all, but I do believe with pro's cheating it leaves fewer doors open for those of us who just want to know we are on the right track. Thanks Michael for doing all you can to make this a fair contest, it's just too bad other's can't play fair.

Laura (01.01.12, 7:53 AM): 32 and 39 in portraits, has a degree in photography, has a website, shoots mostly portraits

Scott (12.31.11, 2:48 PM): In the animal group I really like the dropping of the water from the birds leg in # 26 and the dog running in #24. The portrait group I like two shots for the same reason the pain in the faces #45 and #12

Tobias Roybal (12.31.11, 10:08 AM): Once again, some amazing photos!!!

Steve (12.31.11, 8:53 AM): My vote is for number 26 in portraits

Laura (12.31.11, 7:56 AM): There's a photo here that has placed in another competition, should be eliminated

MIchael Andrew (12.31.11, 2:17 AM): @ Cary- Yes, I changed the category for this image, Thanks!

Cary Di Buono (12.30.11, 8:01 PM): # 13 in animal semi finalist is the same # 99 in Landscape nominees...

Kristie (12.30.11, 7:03 PM): I love #26 in portraits! My vote is definitely for that one :-)

Irina (12.30.11, 4:39 PM): I was going through the semi-finalists video and all I could think of was"God,these photos are amazing I'm sure mine's not going to get picked".But when I saw it,I realised that I should stop being such a pesimist.Once again,thank you!

Patti Okeefe (12.30.11, 3:15 PM): I can't believe that I am a semi finalist! I am so honored that you would consider my photo good enough for this contest.

Thomas (12.30.11, 1:34 PM): #36 in the portraits for me. Not sure on the animals yet

scott (12.30.11, 11:27 AM): my vote for animals is 26

Indra Dian Supitra (12.30.11, 9:44 AM): congratulations for the semiifinalist

MIchael Andrew (12.30.11, 5:03 AM): #40 - The Rickshaw Driver is super interesting to me for some reason, very different, very artistic and creative. Its a great shot.

Martin (12.30.11, 4:45 AM): I'll definitely vote for number 44 on portrait :)