BJ Pedersen (12.27.11, 4:32 PM): weii, you mention "aside from the technical mistakes" for me to learn more about getting better....what do you consider "technical mistakes"? please clarify, thanks

Alicia (12.27.11, 12:49 PM): So many brilliant entries!! I'm amazed at the talent out there!!! Loved looking through these.

Brian (12.27.11, 7:58 AM): Michael, I can see why some people are upset at going against a pro in a contest like this. I am an amateur using (what I consider expensive!) a Canon 60D that took me a year to save up for when the pros might be using $50k worth of studio equipment and sometimes professional models that are well paid. I just cannot compete with that level of tools. Yet, I am a finalist in the Portrait contest AND the animal contest!! Since you rejected a lot of them due to tecnical mistakes I am thrilled to be among the finalist! As an amateur photographer, that is a huge honor! One of my best photos won a local contest for a Camping Guide cover for 2011 and that was before I upgraded so it was a 6mp point and shoot. My point is that a non-pro with crap for equipment can win contests if you have a good eye and good technique. Where I get upset is the facebook "popularity" vote competitions because it has nothing to do with quality.

Alex Rubio (12.24.11, 6:22 PM): Excellent shots everyone, congrats... Mike #168 & 169 are the same...

Dina (12.24.11, 3:34 PM): Beautiful!!! 118 has my vote hands down!!!! I think I could take the whole thing!!! Great job who ever took it!!!!

Thomas (12.24.11, 9:11 AM): actually the volcano pic is nice but those tree limbs are a distraction. I checked his google plus and think the fisherman is better.

Rose (12.24.11, 12:00 AM): Thanks for all your hard work! May I ask, how do we vote and/or get others to vote on these photos? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for choosing several of my photos for the finalist in 4 of the areas. God bless you and yours this Holy Season and always!

Max (12.23.11, 7:18 PM): I like the volcano shot the best. This photographer has some amazing shots on google +

Joel Lawrence (12.23.11, 6:27 PM): 156 and 274 are my favorites

Thomas (12.23.11, 6:11 PM): A lot of great shots here. It would be hard to choose a favorite.

rebecca (12.23.11, 4:14 PM): you have a picture in there twice and are missing 5(they are not showing up). other than that wonderful photos.

Loraine (12.23.11, 3:09 PM): 179. amazing.

Caisii Mao (12.23.11, 1:20 PM): Of all the Nominees.. Landscape category is best, its really awesome browsing...... I am speechless. All the best to everyone

Karen (12.23.11, 1:09 PM): Too hard to pick just 2 show stoppers. They are all amazing!!

Cary Di Buono (12.23.11, 12:51 PM): Thank you Michael for this contest, there are so great Pictures in all groups, I agree with Mike, It's very important to see other People work and skill, we can learn a lot with this, thank you again......

Tom (12.23.11, 9:17 AM): You misspelled photography on the slideshow title. Just FYI.

Traci (12.23.11, 7:56 AM): So many beautiful photos! This is by far the best nominee gallery so far! Great job everyone :)

Bebe Mozz (12.23.11, 6:01 AM): Ooooho hoho

Maristela (12.23.11, 5:42 AM): These are great photos, and really inspiring. I feel very honored to have two images nominated. Thanks Michael! Show stopper???? Photo 102. Awesome!! This is truly breath taking indeed! Best of luck to you all!

Mike (12.23.11, 12:31 AM): Amazing... First feeling is that I'm so jealous of people who was in those places with camera and saw the opportunity to take such wonderful picture. Then the technical possiblity... the lenses, good camera etc... Thanks once again for the contest Michael - it is very important to see otcher people work and skill ;)

Steven (12.23.11, 12:01 AM): One show stopper has got to be the volcano shot. My shot is brilliant, but not in the same class. I'd place in the top 50!