Dad (12.22.11, 3:32 AM): I had a terrific time - thanks Mike!

Nicole P (12.21.11, 4:18 PM): Turtles are chill. Didn't you know dude ;) Finding Nemo told me so

Tom (12.20.11, 10:55 PM): I know you mentioned you might try stand up paddle boarding too. If you do, put a go pro cam on the paddle like this guy did right off the beach in Cali and see what you might find....

J. Scott (12.20.11, 10:46 PM): Thanks for the story and a few minutes in paradise via your photos. Hoping you won't become chum in the water. Merry Christmas!

Steve Morovek (12.20.11, 9:58 PM): Well Michael you said it in your DVD..." come to Maui to take's like cheating! " We don't have sharks in the frozen praries here.