Jodie (12.28.11, 8:23 PM): Woohoo - I made it! Thanks, Mike, for having this contest!!!

Arun (12.27.11, 2:03 PM): Feels great to be nominated among these wonderful portraits. :)

Brian (12.27.11, 10:09 AM): Thank you Michael for picking my photo of my 5 year old and my 70 year old Argus camera! It is an honor to be an amateur and get picked with so many wonderful photos!!

Drew (12.23.11, 11:51 PM): Picture number 86, which is the awesome portrait of a guy blowing out smoke, was an entry for the National Geographic 2011 photo contest...

Alex Rubio (12.22.11, 9:56 PM): Nice work everyone...!

Tosha (12.22.11, 6:38 PM): Yay! I am so stoked to see that my 2 photos got nominated!!! So awesome, although there is no way I am gonna win it against all the other amazing photos. But I am totally stoked! {jumping up and down}

MIchael Andrew (12.22.11, 6:15 PM): The last 2 contests were won by photographers who were not pros and I will never reward people for being "mediocre'. I want everyone to be and give their absolute BEST. Winners will be screened before they are announced, if anyone has broken the rule and is a clear pro - they will be disqualified.

Cary Di Buono (12.22.11, 9:07 AM): Thank you Michael, there are so many great shots in all groups, I'm so happy to be nominated in two of them, good luck to everyone.....

Lori_Z (12.22.11, 8:08 AM): I realize that the honor rule was probably broken on a few of these shots, but I'm very much an amateur and have had photos of mine make it through in a couple of the divisions, so there is still room for everyone. Michael is only one person and is doing the best he can and I thank him for this contest.

Vadyan Pranata (12.21.11, 9:16 PM): Wow 2 photos of mine are selected :) I'm very honored to be one of your nominees. Wish the best for all contestant ^_^

Penny (12.21.11, 6:52 PM): Wow I feel so honored to be included with the others in this section. Really trying to work on the tech side of my work and looks like the hard work is starting to pay off. Thank You for the vote of confidence and just being nominated has made my year! Good Luck to everyone!

Rodney Johnson (12.21.11, 5:11 PM): @Tengo Yeah. Seems the honor rule was broken time over time. Makes it really hard for students/amateurs to compete.

Brian (12.21.11, 4:55 PM): Thanks Michael!! So glad I made the first cut!!

Mhellan Narciso (12.21.11, 1:08 AM): wew.. i made it in the portrait nomination... thank you so much:)

Nicole Peterson (12.20.11, 10:37 PM): Holy cow! One of my photos made it to the Portrait nominees too. My hearts a-pounding :) These photos are just too gorgeous. I think I've look through them three times already. Best of luck judging! This is going to be so difficult for you to choose! ah!

Tengo (12.20.11, 6:12 PM): Seem that rule #4 was overruled. Sad.

Irina (12.20.11, 4:22 PM): Thank you for selecting my photo,Michael!I'm extremely happy and thankful.

Brittany Nash (12.20.11, 3:55 PM): Thanks for the Nominations in two categories!!! Good Luck everyone!

Rodney Johnson (12.20.11, 2:33 PM): Rooting for 309! I'm honored my image is even amongst these works of art!

Gabriela Mester (12.20.11, 6:19 AM): Lovely works! Good luck!

Ryan (12.20.11, 4:46 AM): Goodness ! Every time I go through these, something different catches my eye. SOOO glad, I am not a judge. Awesome work here folks.

Kat (12.20.11, 1:31 AM): The last two photos don't load. :[

Heather Burnett (12.19.11, 10:41 PM): Honored to have one of my photos nominated!!! :) There are so many great photos here, and so much talent!

sunfrog (12.19.11, 8:09 PM): freaking incredible man you can't go wrong which ever one you choose good luck picking

Ramin (12.19.11, 5:41 PM): How can I know if you really get my portrait photos?

Brian (12.19.11, 12:24 PM): Wow. So many incredible shots. I would not want to be judging this competition!

Oliver (12.19.11, 10:03 AM): You've got at least a hundred "winners" in this group. How do you EVER pick one out from them?? I'm stunned and inspired.....

Randy (12.19.11, 9:57 AM): Portraits are my favorites! Great work here.