Megan (12.27.11, 6:24 AM): @Mercedes Which image is your daughter's? I am ask 15 and would like to see the work of other photographers my age(: Thanks!

Mercedes (12.19.11, 6:31 PM): My daughter Amanda is only 15 and has one of her abstracts nominated. I'm so proud.

A. Disser (12.19.11, 2:56 PM): Awesome! I made it into the nominees! There's some stiff competition I see. Best of luck to everyone!

Patti O (12.15.11, 12:13 AM): So very honored to be nominated. Everyone's photos are amazing. You are great to bring this opportunity to us. You rock!

Cody (12.14.11, 12:08 AM): Pleasantly surprised to see my abstract was nominated. Great slideshow! There are some amazing photographs in there! Congrats and good luck everyone!

Max (12.13.11, 3:48 PM): Great variation of photos. Best of Luck to all.

Kat (12.13.11, 3:35 PM): I am so BEYOND excited! Thank you so much for moving my photo to the appropriate category! I would have been so sad if I had known that I could have been nominated if only I selected the correct category! Thank you soooo much for moving it! Everyone here did fantastically! I'm so stoked for the next round! Good luck all!

Megan Smith (12.13.11, 12:00 PM): I'm so happy that I've been nominated! COngrats to everyone else, I feel honoured to be nominated with such amazing shots>_< Turned 15 last month and already being nominated with the big shots;) Thankyou so much! (:

Alex Rubio (12.12.11, 7:56 PM): VERY Nice entries, congrats to all and good luck!

J. Scott (12.12.11, 4:42 PM): @Ryan - I just had the same sort of problem with Safari 5.1.2, the newest version. Another issue with one slide that didn't load. I'd suggest using Aperture to generate a QT movie. I never have these problems.

J. Scott (12.12.11, 4:39 PM): Please don't hate the messenger but this slideshow has a bad slide towards the end that stops the show just like the last slideshow. That said, the work in this batch just blows me away! Fantastic!

Ryan (12.12.11, 3:05 PM): Just figured out my problem... The player does not work with Firefox, but works perfect with Safari.