Rose (12.23.11, 11:53 PM): Does anyone know how we will be able to vote on these great images? And when? Thanks and God bless!

Mariah (12.20.11, 1:22 PM): WOW!! Great pics! Im happy that one of mine made it! :)

Gabriela Mester (12.18.11, 2:26 PM): WOW. I'm in with 2 photos :x

Jamie (12.16.11, 3:58 PM): These are all so amazing! I feel so lucky and honored to see my photo made it even this far :) So many great and beautiful photos! good luck everyone and thank you Michael for this wonderful contest!

Denis Caro (12.14.11, 4:30 PM): I am honored to be part of this group of selected photos for Macro, they are all winners and they all look amazing. Thank you Michael for this opportunity.

Alex Rubio (12.12.11, 7:33 PM): I couldn't stop saying WOW to almos every picture, hehe, what amazing talent, VERY nice...!

Sasidharan (12.12.11, 12:45 PM): U r doing a gr8 job dude... these pics are really breathtaking... i am so proud that my pic is also there... Great work buddy.. :)

Lainey (12.11.11, 6:17 PM): Thanks Michael for all your efforts! There are so many inspiring photos in this set, I am very excited to be one of them!

Box (12.11.11, 1:59 PM): Love seeing the creativity this contest displays :D

Diana (12.11.11, 12:43 PM): Wow, Michael, thank you for all the hard work, it must be taking all your time! Thank you for choosing my photograph among all these beautiful images! :) And guys, if you don't want to see the slideshow because of the error, you can see them one by one. There's a little button in the right that says"browse gallery view". hope that helped :D

Rob (12.11.11, 11:23 AM): I got the same error as Cary. I tried it in chrome,firefox and safari witht he same results.

J. Scott (12.11.11, 9:47 AM): Now it's stalling on the flies_on_shhh....2.jpg at about the 45% mark.

Mike Shannon (12.11.11, 9:14 AM): I did not finish in these top 300 and can easily see why. Thank you Michael for enlightening me and giving me focus on how to improve; and perspective on what great shots should look like. Next year I believe I'll be in the top 300. :)

Joy (12.11.11, 4:14 AM): A great opportunity not just sharing my artwork to the world, but as well as learning from you guys! I'm also glad for my one entry in this Category is one of the Nominees! More power Michael & blessings ahead!

Cary (12.10.11, 11:40 PM): Very good shots, but I could not see all because the trouble loading image (EC:33) maybe you can do it in two Slideshows. thank you Michael for your hard work.....

Steven (12.10.11, 9:41 PM): Many amazing shots shots in this category! Some criteria to further edit macro submissions might include - If subject is just ‘there’, centered in the photo, without any other significant elements. Unless the light or color or composition is excellent, an eye, a flower or a bug, no matter how well shot technically, does not expand our experience of seeing or evoke an aesthetic or emotional response. - Seen the same subject in macro many times, and no matter how pretty/interesting nothing unique about the photo as a whole . . - Consider the line between true macro and ‘close-up’ that requires technique and an investment of time - not strictly 1:1, necessarily, but if the question arises then the pic probably doesn’t really qualify. (That might possibly eliminate my submission, but so be it. I am pleased to be included in this first round of selections!) I look forward to voting - Thank you Michael.

Marshall J (12.10.11, 7:49 PM): I've never really understood how people can be so critical of a free contest where someone is busting his butt to give away prizes out of his own pocket. I appreciate the time and effort (and expense) that you are putting forth to make this contest happen MIchael, even if I didnt place in either of the 1st 2 categories. The shots are wonderful and I understand so much better how I can improve.

Diane (12.10.11, 6:51 PM): Wow! There are some really really great shots in here ..... lots of bugs and flowers .... maybe next year they can have their own category????

Adrian (12.10.11, 6:28 PM): some great shots, but so many of them are not macro. just pictures of smaller things or up close shots of large things, but not 1:1 macro shots or anywhere near that.

Rebecca (12.10.11, 6:20 PM): wow. i am so happy that one of my photos are in there with all of those great shots! Thank you for doing this:)

Mike Shannon (12.10.11, 4:12 PM): Wow! If ever there was a contest to show someone how much improvement their photography has room for, it is this contest. I feel Icrashed a place I dont belong

Mercedes Martishius (12.10.11, 12:21 PM): There is nothing more striking in nature than a bright orange pumpkin in the fall....I happened to see this little fellow sunning himself and grabbed this shot!

Mercedes Martishius (12.10.11, 12:19 PM): This is one of my absolute favorites photos and it was just a photo of opportunity, I was sitting at my yard sale when I saw this ultimate circle of life happening right in front of me....I ran for my camera!

matt (12.10.11, 11:48 AM): sorry, i'm a little slow, just noticed that you can view each picture by itself, instead of just the slideshow, i guess you are perfect michael!!

matt (12.10.11, 11:35 AM): michael, thanks so much for putting so much work into this contest for us, my only complaint is the slideshow, i wish the pics were just still shots, the zoom effect really takes away from the true picture taken, thanks

J. Scott (12.10.11, 9:25 AM): Houston, we have a problem. Check out the slideshow. It has hung at the same image twice now. Error reads: Trouble loading image.[EC.33]{images/????????_2.jpg] if that helps any.

Tom (12.10.11, 8:28 AM): For me, pages 2,5, and 9 each have a missing photo. There is just a blank square where a picture should be. I wonder what is causing this and if there should be a photo there?

Curt (12.10.11, 8:21 AM): I bet they look great, too bad I can't see them because it's in FLASH.

Luis Portelles (12.10.11, 8:17 AM): I am very excited to my photo among these superb nominees! Already a prize, the images are breathtaking.

Mike (12.10.11, 7:58 AM): I'm honored that both of my pictures are among such brilliant shots... Thank you Michael for this opportunity for both - paarticipating and watching others work

George (12.10.11, 7:25 AM): all were good shots - but only about 10-12 were "eye-stoppers"

gep (12.10.11, 6:30 AM): Hi mike lovely images but there's a problem with the player it stops about 10% through and displays an error "Trouble loading image.[EC:33][images/?????????_2.jpg]" Too many images perhaps?

Maristela (12.10.11, 6:27 AM): WOW!! My mouth was wide open the whole time I looked at these! Fantastic!!!