Kat (12.13.11, 3:39 PM): WOW! Everyone in this category is AMAZING! I feel so honored to be nominated among them! Although I do agree with Tammy, but hey, lets give them the benefit of the doubt, maybe they didn't read the rules throughly. Hopefully if they know now, they will gracefully bow out, not make it to the next round since it was stated in the rules. To all others nominated, great job!

Alex Rubio (12.12.11, 7:15 PM): Congrats to all, wonderful and amazing shots, its going to be hard to pick a winner...!

Tammy (12.12.11, 11:53 AM): I hope this slide show is of all the entries and not what has been selected as finalist. Some of these shots look like the photographer is a professional in sports photography. Ex. NFL photos you have to have media pass to get on the sidelines to shoot pictures which would indicate your a professional in the the sports arena. Lets be fair if this is for amateur photographers.

Sasidharan Devendran (12.09.11, 12:49 AM): Beautiful pics... Stunned to see some clicks... no doubt the contest will be intresting.. :) Thanks Michael for organizing such a wonderful contest... :)

Mitch (12.08.11, 9:07 PM): I like the first wave photo, the little kid boxer with older man by his side, the basketball Buddhists and the airplanes with colorful smoke.

Max (12.08.11, 8:40 PM): Wow, Wow and more Wow, Congrats to all of you. These are all top notch photos, I was completely blown away! Would not be able to narrow it down to only one winner.

Shannon Morgan Photography (12.08.11, 4:40 PM): All I can say is WOW, there are some mind blowing images in there! I feel really bad for the judges :)!

Boz (12.08.11, 12:24 PM): My fav's - 14, 25, and 29 :) But My utmost favourite is # 34 - Great Job Everyone - I Love seeing the creativity!

Steve (12.08.11, 12:21 PM): Now having seen them all, I meant the first wave photo, but they were all pretty sweet...

Steve (12.08.11, 12:18 PM): Great pics. That wave photo is amazing...very cool. Good luck to everyone...

Glen (12.08.11, 12:05 PM): Thanks Michael for doing this:) Sure is exciting to see al the pictures playing out in front of you and with added upbeat music!

Susie (12.08.11, 10:06 AM): Congratulations everyone..........those in front and behind the lens!

Ria (12.08.11, 5:29 AM): Superb selection... very nice.. :)