Alex Rubio (12.07.11, 8:18 PM): Wow Mike, Lou Ferigno is right, hehe, no more tutti frutti for you, eh?, haha...!

Thomas (12.07.11, 10:12 AM): 15 % bodyfat M ? I did get the book but it didn't tell me anything I dont already know. Nutrition is a key element to being fit, not just in the short run but long term as well. Most of the old school programs I've researched lack true understanding as to balance in that area. It's about maintaining a proper ph level as well as a diet that supports your goals.

Rob (12.06.11, 11:55 PM): For a second I thought the last pic was Lou Farigno. lol All you need now M is some green skin and tattered purple shorts. Maybe I should look into doing some exercise, Im the heaviest I have ever been in my life. TFS

Doug Fulk (12.06.11, 6:06 PM): If this is going to be a lesson on the Lighting dvd, I'm going to seriously struggle. lol