Lu Lu (12.16.14, 10:31 PM): Come to Singapore on January 11th, my wedding and shoot as much as you want. I will be wearing Myanmar wedding gown for my 2nd March in... haha... I know it's impossible. but well, I keep thinking if I were that couple.......

Alex Rubio (11.30.11, 8:47 PM): Ankit, they are not over exposed, that is a style that Michael uses in some of his shots, take a look at a few posts back about the Lighting DVD he is producing...

Ankit Malhotra (11.25.11, 3:57 AM): Some of the shots came out really nice. However, some of them seemed quite a bit overexposed, specially the starting few, where the couple enters the room. Regards, Ankit

Rob (11.22.11, 12:14 AM): Judging by the what the photographers were wearing, you two were not under dressed for the occasion :)

CarrieEB (11.21.11, 10:34 PM): Haven't you guys read the part of your Bible where it says the guys that show up at the wedding without wedding clothes get tossed out? Blog Stalker (11.21.11, 9:05 PM): GORGEOUS bridal shot! The window lighting is phenomenal!

Tracy (11.21.11, 9:48 AM): So apparently the husband couldn't smile in most pics. The brides jewelry was stunning! I love it! And I hate that they didn't know what a treasure they had standing in their midst. I hope she loves her picture you took of her!

Boz (11.21.11, 9:15 AM): You managed to get some nice shots even despite being in the back Michael, very nice  One thing I have to make note of however – and I realize you guys were coming from another shoot and this was unexpected – but attire is so important at a wedding – especially if showing up as a professional, to a wedding function. Seeing the video guys in those red shirts – I understand they are actually trying to stand out – but that is tacky, and there are better more appropriate ways. I have seen this type of tacky attire at weddings…and heard the mumblings of the guests and wedding party afterwards, and unfortunately it is not something easily forgotten. I make it a point for anyone who shoots with me that they must dress appropriately; I am not saying this to slam, but rather – for those getting into wedding photography – there are cameras everywhere - but if you wish to be taken seriously as a professional, showing respect in your presentation - in your attire, in your attitude… are all a must. I remember a long time ago reading on Michael’s Blog – that the best thing he could take to a wedding was his attitude – wise words, as an addition (which I’m sure Michael also has in some form on his Business Course) please remember weddings are highly emotional, and they are the perfect chance to show respect by dressing to the couple’s dress code.

Jay Gurung (11.21.11, 6:10 AM): Beautiful photos.