Samantha Hardcastle (10.16.12, 7:31 PM): Good evening, I came across your site and was delighted to see your review of Baby Book, however, is this everything you felt in regards to the publishing process and the after effects? I'm trying to find a reliable source so I can start publishing.

Kimberly (07.10.12, 2:59 PM): Sorry to say that I cannot agree. CD Baby is a great service (it's their sister company) but Bookbaby is not great if you are willing and able to format an eBook yourself. They take weeks to upload to the most important eBook distributor, Kindle, and that process only takes a day or two if you do it yourself. I wrote an article about it here: Now that they have instituted a 19 dollar annual fee, I think they're not worth using at all, I'm afraid. Just my opinion.

Johanna van Zanten (04.28.12, 2:32 AM): Read your post with interest. How long ago did you publish with Bookbaby and how have the results been for you, sold any? Got your share from Bookbaby in a quarterly payout? Johanna