Janet Doane (02.10.13, 7:11 PM): Make fresh almond milk with 1/2 cup nuts with 3-4 cups water, and 2 Medjool dates. Blend like the dickens, strain, and refrigerate. The taste is delicious, and the energy is palpable. Soaking nuts for 8-12 hours increases their potency too.

Tracy (11.21.11, 9:52 AM): Mike, try some different brands of almond milk. That's all I drink now since I can't do cows milk. There are some great brands out there that just taste so subtely like almond. It so delicious!

Joe Flanagan (11.16.11, 3:13 PM): If you are up for it try fresh goat milk! Yum Great. If you scrape off some of the foamier head and put it in your coffee it is like heaven!

Brian (11.16.11, 2:02 PM): Our entire family loves Almond milk. I really don't like almonds all that much but I really like the milk. Go figure.

Natalie (11.16.11, 1:33 PM): Yes on this! My little girl gets stuffed sinuses when she drinks too much milk or yogurt. Did this by process of elimination. Mom gave me this link http://drbenkim.com/recipesalmondmilk.html Much better. Soooo ultra healthy!

Andre (11.16.11, 9:56 AM): Hey Michael have you ever tried Hemp milk? I personally do not like the taste but know several people who do. As said in the link it's a great alternative for people who have nut allergies. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hemp_milk

Kjersti (11.15.11, 9:11 PM): I have been buying it at Costco. I was so happy when they started selling it. They have the best deal so far that I have found.