Dwight (05.02.16, 11:07 PM): I'm starting to lean towards napkins over paper towels. Paper towels seems to get used up super fast. While napkins seem to last longer. Michael, what is the correct answer based on square footage?

michael andrew (02.11.08, 7:50 PM): so can someone please explain to me why anyone would be willing to spend 6x as much for something that they will use for a few seconds and then throw away? Its not a big deal, I am just really interested about the logic behind it. Ive done the math based on a square footage comparison between the two and just dont get it.

Mike (02.11.08, 9:34 AM): Paper towels, hands down. It's a quality of life issue for me. Heck, the air will dry spills for free, but I'd rather pay a few cents for a paper towel that will wipe stuff up instead of just spreading it around, won't disintegrate, and is nice and soft. Paper towels forever!!

Pete (02.11.08, 8:57 AM): Ok Mike I have the correct answer... Viva paper towels for the win! they are preferated into smaller sections. they are super absorbent and super soft. they can even double as tissues they are so soft. Bad thing they are expensive. What we do it scan the ads in the paper and nearly everyweek somebody is running them on sale sometimes at a buy one get one price. We just stock up when its real cheap! Try them you will not be disappointed.

michael andrew (02.10.08, 7:40 PM): Paper towels and paper napkins....there are also surface area and cost considerations in this question. One is 4-6 times more expensive than the other.

Elizabeth (02.10.08, 5:24 PM): Are you talking about fabric or paper napkins? Cause that would change my answer a bit...fabric ones are much more environmentally friendly...and they can be quite absorbent.

Elizabeth (02.10.08, 5:20 PM): Depends on the brand and style and what I am using it for. I used to be rather wasteful with paper goods, but I am a lot better now. I probably would go with paper towels because you can use them both as a napkin for when you are eating and to clean up spills. They are much more absorbent than napkins...but then again there may be a brand of napkins that are more absorbent than paper towels.

michael andrew (02.10.08, 12:08 PM): I agree with you Lee, seems like there is a lot of waste on paper towels, although I have noticed that some companies have recently started to make them with preferations at half sheet mark.

Maria (02.10.08, 11:13 AM): hmmm. I prefer paper towels... I just feel like they do a better job. More durable. Napkins seem to leave little pieces everywhere ... maybe I just buy the crappy napkins.

Lee Potter (02.10.08, 9:37 AM): I'd say Napkins. When I go to take a Paper Towel I always take more then I need. With a Napkin I just take one. I'm weird like that.