Alex Rubio (11.30.11, 8:15 PM): Nice job M, didn't know you were into gaming. I have been a Call of Duty fan since they started. I'm one of the fouders of a gaming clan we call ATX Tactical, come by and visit some time If you are impressed with MW3 graphics, check out Battlefield 3, AMAZING... You all are welcome to join us as well, drop me a message when you come by, I'm known on the site as WarriorII. See ya there!

Rob (11.12.11, 9:01 PM): Its great on the PC as well. :)

Nathan Demoline (11.12.11, 8:59 PM): I have already beat the campain and working on it a second time for all the achievements so much for photography

Jeremy Lott (11.12.11, 6:32 AM): Got mine on Tuesday and havent had time to play it yet. Definitely this weekend!!