Pete (01.22.08, 12:40 PM): Thats why I set a time that says, Pete STOP at X time.

michael andrew (01.22.08, 7:10 AM): This is where I get stuck- If it is imposed by others, or a contract its usually no problem. But what if it is something you have complete control over the deadline....say a DVD or Book you have been working on. I find myself re-doing things over and over, and yes it gets better and better, but it just seems to never end. Easy to finish when deadlines are imposed....harder when self imposed.

Pete (01.21.08, 6:48 AM): I have to agree with Dad... Here is what I try and do. I do the math in my head and if a project will take X amount of time I subtract 20%. That way if I complete it in 80% of the time I am ahead. At least, it makes sense to me.

Dad (01.21.08, 1:25 AM): Easy, you set time limits and schedules.