Spooky (10.27.11, 3:33 PM): HA! Love it! Being over 50 I can relate to the guy with the Polaroid!

June (10.25.11, 8:46 AM): Hilarious! Very good clip! lol

Ankit Sharma (10.22.11, 1:41 AM): simply great.

Dad (10.16.11, 7:09 PM): I love it

chaos2k (10.16.11, 2:41 PM): lol that was cool

Alex Rubio (10.16.11, 10:44 AM): Here is the making of video: http://youtu.be/cU_unQxKrLU

Alex Rubio (10.16.11, 9:40 AM): Absolutely HILARIOUS, very good...!

Doug Fulk (10.15.11, 7:05 AM): That should be added as a training course to Paintballer Pro.