Warren (04.11.12, 3:26 PM): Yahzoom, ( Was originally thinking Yahzoombla for some reason).

Ashley (10.16.11, 5:14 AM): Zoom (but that's only one syllable), Zoomo, Bokah, Shuttr, Magik, Tripod (also that's the name of my cat), Diffuuz (or something like that), PixlClix, PixelClix, PixlClicks, ...I think I'm out of ideas for now.

Pj (09.26.11, 11:36 PM): Luma, lumin, lumina

kecin freels (09.23.11, 8:52 PM): ZOOKA

Joel Lawrence (09.23.11, 12:56 AM): "Pictur" or "Pictr"

hawaii rocher (09.22.11, 2:23 PM): Burstx, Burst-It, Glooper, Faux-tog, Foxshot, Pixcell, shotzee

Natalie (09.21.11, 2:58 PM): Ta-Da, 1-2 Punch, PixIt, 2 RAW, BooYa how fun : )

Michael Andrew (09.21.11, 2:54 PM): I think we may have a winner among the suggestions. Please keep them coming. I dont think we will have a vote off after all, I think Im going to select one from the several I like. GREAT suggestions BTW.

Shaun (09.21.11, 2:30 PM): Stepn niztam zimtan zimtam zintam zapr romino (as in Geronimo) Shink (shinkansen is the bullet train in Japan and we used to call it the "shink" for short)

Brett (09.21.11, 6:40 AM): Splasher, EpPic, Photara, Warntic, Blastix, Socphia, ipop, enlight, Exuber, frenzy, rantic, nabbit, waboosh, Faboo

Steve (09.20.11, 10:57 PM): Apertite; QuixPix; uSOiSO; Snapped; StillPix; APPerture; goRAW...That wasn't easy...Good luck Michael.

Comet art (09.20.11, 10:33 PM): Imavenotion. Imavenix. eMavenesque or any derivative thereof .. imavenation

Alex Rubio (09.20.11, 9:08 PM): Kino, Quino

Brian (09.20.11, 9:05 PM): Qwikster ;)

Michael Andrew (09.20.11, 8:22 PM): Wow....some of these a pretty dang good. I am seriously considering some of them.

Debbie (09.20.11, 3:08 PM): Here's one more :) Izzit

Debbie (09.20.11, 2:53 PM): Snappa Hoola ShooTa Owzit

Scott Roeben (09.20.11, 1:45 PM): Hey, I wasn't that drunk. Some of those are awesome. Hork.

Boz (09.20.11, 12:43 PM): hmmm, everything that comes to mind for "me, I google and find it exists in some form or another. My fav of the ones I thought of though is "Mavex" - I'm sure you get the connection :D

Deb Ramsey (09.20.11, 12:14 PM): I woke up this morning with this product name on my mind...."PHO-PRO."

Caesar (09.20.11, 11:45 AM): Let's take a step into the dark: Pelton, Goom, Muzz, Abal, Frap, Blab, UpSa, FL0ck, Vector, PixAM, Oblivix, Pakcio, yiphiax, Hopsa that's it so far, back to my work now :-)

Tom (09.20.11, 10:58 AM): pb and jellyfish, frotski, flip-flopster, hooknows with knowing at least what type of product it is :) I give up

Melanie (09.20.11, 9:08 AM): I really like Maven but I see someone else already posted it

shieryl oliveros (09.20.11, 8:49 AM): photomania.com

David Williams (09.20.11, 7:22 AM): Piclicious

Bill (09.20.11, 6:42 AM): Kixma

Brett (09.20.11, 4:35 AM): Snapshot

Michael Andrew (09.20.11, 4:29 AM): Scott is on the right track. They need to be uncommon and unordinary type names. Thanks!

Brett (09.20.11, 4:29 AM): First couple that came to first to the top of my head. Pictoral, Dreampix, Finepic, Filmic, SnapPix, Picsnap, Shotpic. So these might be way out in left field, but I just typed as things hit me. Brainstorming.....hmmm... If I come up with any others I will post. Good luck with your "BIG" project!!! Can't wait to find out.

spin, rocket, jet, focus, vision (09.20.11, 4:08 AM): since you do dvd spin might be nice

vice (09.20.11, 3:58 AM): vice

Sassy1 (09.20.11, 3:55 AM): Pop or popper

wave (09.20.11, 3:51 AM): i likwe wave .com . orbit good luck

snogs or maze.com (09.20.11, 3:47 AM): i dont know the concept of the product so i wa s guessing names

Scott Roeben (09.20.11, 3:39 AM): First, it's impossible to name something without knowing its purpose. Second, here are my drunk and late night winning attempts at this challenge. Photasmia. Lookervana. Imaginotion. iEye. Seegalia. Coloringus. Valhollah. Pixaylia. Pixdog. Pixelaggio. Pixellatio. Pixtopia. Pixagalia. Shotang. Shottage. Clixalia. Clixant. Clixark. Clixtorix. Clixy. Clixvana. Photox. Phogasm. Photrance. Phopex. Phonarchy. Phophdom. Dreamix. Imaginix. Imagix. I'm spent!

Aaron (09.20.11, 3:04 AM): Maven