Elizabeth (09.13.11, 2:37 PM): AWESOME!!! She looks amazing!! How cool to find one with all those eggs on her too!

Alex Rubio (09.13.11, 12:59 AM): Yeah, I agree with Boz, she is super mad at ya, spitting sand, hehe... Nice shot!

Boz (09.12.11, 9:02 AM): She looks MAD!!!

Punman (09.11.11, 11:21 PM): Awesome! I love how the eye stalks make her look like she is really cranky with you. :)

Tracy (09.11.11, 11:19 PM): so.... congrats?

Kerry (09.11.11, 8:13 PM): They're easier to catch when you throw a big pile of sand on them while they're running away from you. Having all that sand on top of them gives them a false sense of security so they just freeze. ;D