Keoni (09.02.11, 12:24 AM): I was just looking at these to go hiking with. One of the guys has them and loves them too. Now I really want a pair!

Peter (08.31.11, 10:48 PM): I LOVE mine. I've been running in mine for a couple years. My biggest suggestion is start slow & low mileage. If you aren't use to going barefoot in large quantities you can mess your feet up fast.

Alex Rubio (08.31.11, 10:02 PM): That looks pretty cool, I have seen them before, seems the concept is really good...

kim (08.31.11, 1:57 PM): concept makes sense, I hate wearing tennis shoes/sneakers my feet always cramp and I prefer being barefoot anyway...must be the hawaiian in me ;) my mom wants to go Maui soon, if we make a trip hopefully we'll be able to get together :)