Shelley (06.06.08, 3:08 PM): Remember it applies to consumerism. There is also a regular...I don't know what they call it, but for lack of a better term, regular rebate for people...each kid or something, I can't remember. Right now, the way we are taxed, people are actually punished for being producers. The more you make, the more you pay. It's very irrational to me to be punished for educating yourself and working hard. It seems more appropriate to me to be taxed on goods used. You allegedly don't have the Capital Gains and other Old McDonald's Farm here a tax, there a tax, everywhere a tax tax..., you don't have deductions because you don't have a massive tax code punishing you for every single penny you work for. I never determined if I liked it or not but I did like not being punished for working my hiny off. Does hiny end in ey or just y? ie? :o)

michael andrew (01.16.08, 11:10 AM): i think I still owe you guys from the last hypothetical question! Whats my deal? Im behind! Oh ya...too many words!

Maria (01.16.08, 11:00 AM): of course we want to know -- this is better than the national enquirer. We are all waiting to hear .... :)

kim (01.16.08, 9:54 AM): o great one show us the light :)