Alex Rubio (08.31.11, 9:29 PM): Hehe, I was missing these challenges M, nice, I agree with Dean, bottom right?

Michael Andrew (08.28.11, 9:52 PM): Yes, lower right hand corner is a shadow of my leg. :)

Tom (08.28.11, 7:45 PM): Shadow, bottom right? Would not have spotted that!

Carly (08.28.11, 3:35 PM): I see you, you are in the lower right corner. Am I right?

Mark Iuzzolino (08.28.11, 1:08 PM): I think that's stretching it a bit. I like the contrast and convergence of lines though.

Dean (08.28.11, 11:14 AM): Bottom right hand shadow is off angle. Could that be you? :)

matt (08.28.11, 10:44 AM): top left hand corner, the thicker stripe/shadow

Elizabeth (08.28.11, 2:59 AM): Your shadow?

MIchael Andrew (08.28.11, 12:57 AM): Yes, I am definitely in here. Hint- Look for an inconsistency!

Dirk (08.27.11, 10:51 AM): Where are you? are you really there?

Bill (08.27.11, 7:44 AM): where are you?