Kate (09.25.11, 10:15 PM): Woo hoo. Lookin' hot Michael. I love a man in a suit. You look fantastic.

Alex Rubio (08.31.11, 9:23 PM): WoW!, That IS rare, hehe. You look good!

Carly (08.28.11, 3:39 PM): I think you look really great in a suit, not just ok. Funny how it's hard for us to give ourselves a break and just compliment ourself! I have noticed I do that so I guess I am just trying to say, it's all right to KNOW it when you are looking GOOD! I really love this website, I have been looking around all over it the past two days, on and off, thank you for all of the tips etc. Sincerely, Carly

Tracy (08.26.11, 1:20 PM): I love men in suits!

Elizabeth (08.26.11, 1:48 AM): Michael, that's better than ok looking in a suit. You look great!

Tom (08.25.11, 4:04 PM): Hey, that begs the question of what to wear when shooting a wedding. I guess not a suit ? Since I know you do weddings.

Punman (08.25.11, 7:53 AM): Looking sharp. :P Many happy returns. Hope you had a wonderful day.