Jill Norris (01.16.08, 11:53 AM): I would never want that to happen to me! I know the guy got a lot of grief for cutting the rope.... a rock climber no-no!

michael andrew (01.16.08, 2:21 AM): Jill! I looked it up! I have totally heard about that story- it's incredible! Maybe Ill post an entry about it!

Jill Norris (01.15.08, 11:11 PM): Have you heard of the story "Touching the Void?" It is a movie and a PBS special. I would check it out.

pete (01.12.08, 4:13 PM): I remember that movie. If you base it solely on the current decisions of the people involved that movie is way up there. If you are going for the MOST intense movie opening ever I have to vote for Irréversible a French movie that translates to Irreversible. I borrowed it from a friend several months ago and I can't get past the first ten minutes. It is intense and disturbing. He assures me I have to watch it start to finish, and the journey is worth the ride. It is an art film and has to been looked as such. I also can't give a recommendation for or against viewing the movie because I have not seen past the first ten minutes. Not that anybody has seen it or will see it, but thats my vote for most intense movie opening.

tammy (01.12.08, 11:35 AM): wow...i gotta see the whole movie now!