Kate J (09.25.11, 10:23 PM): I couldn't agree with you more Michael. I am VERY shocked to hear you ever had any financial difficulties. I guess I put you on this pedestal. I have debt. It drives me crazy. I am definitely going to take your advice.

Steve (08.11.11, 2:30 AM): If you use credit cards to buy the things you "think you need" you will dig yourself into a hole you cannot crawl out of easily. Save a little money each month out of your pay. Then prioritize what would really make you feel rewarded for all your hard work....maybe a canon L lense. You will appreciate what you have earned much more and will not risk a financial disaster. Steve

Kathy (08.06.11, 9:19 PM): Great advice and it really works! An easy way to track your spending is to download apps to your phone....you can log your spending anywhere you are in an instant! I use iSpend :)

Elizabeth (08.06.11, 3:03 PM): Ha, yeah, I am finally figuring all of this out. I'm not in a huge hole with debt, but living just outside of my means finally came to a head. Changing up quite a few behaviors. Including no more Sonic. :) I can see you doing motivational speeches about this sort of stuff, you have the charisma and the people skills for it!

Alexandra (08.05.11, 2:53 PM): Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University is a great program and helps you work everything you just suggested! Thanks Michael. PS~ Me and Richard just got married on Saturday!! I am still always sending new photographers to your site, you are a natural born teacher! Miss you so much hope you make it back to Dallas soon, call me when you do.

Michael Andrew (08.05.11, 5:50 AM): @Andre- Something I failed to mention is that if you can stop using credit cards, you will feel compelled to build a cash reserve for those time of when "something happens". Its different than saving just to save. If you have your a cash reserve and the discipline to hang onto it, this fear of a back up plan will be resolved.

kim (08.04.11, 9:13 PM): agree

Andre Johnson (08.04.11, 10:41 AM): #2 is hard because you always think in the back of your mind "what if something happens?" or if I buy that lens now I can just pay it off right away, but who really does that. Thanks for the great advice.