Joe (07.29.11, 2:05 AM): I bought this camera two weeks ago at Costco with the $40 instant rebate to use while in Bermuda. After the first underwater use when I got the camera home I opened the compartment where the battery is and noticed slight water beads within this compartment. After the second use the camera worked until submerged into water then failed. The compartment is difficult to lock and ensure it's water tight. If you use the mini USB access port in between uses you have to first lock this back into place before locking the main chamber. Also you have to make sure when locking down the main chamber that you don't see any yellow where the tab is. Can be a bit tricky. I think this all could of been designed better. Thank goodness for Costcos return policy.

Nomadic Samuel (07.22.11, 4:03 PM): I think given the price of this camera it is has some great features and makes for a fun camera for anybody who is adventurous but doesn't need or require manual controls and a desire to capture moving subjects.

Kathy (07.20.11, 8:35 AM): I have this camera and it's been awesome to take on beach trips! Got some great under-water shots in Cancun!

adrian (07.20.11, 8:31 AM): I would love to see some underwater shots.