Elizabeth (07.19.11, 9:57 PM): Oh my gosh, they finally made a camera for me!! Thanks for sharing!

MIchael Andrew (07.19.11, 4:38 PM): Ruggedized is a pretty good description too! Nordic- you are so right, while I live on Maui and go hiking a lot, sometimes I dont want to (or cannot) bring my SLR because Im worried it will get wet or beat up. Dura Shock cameras are awesome because you just dont have to worry anymore, you can throw it in your pocket, go swimming with it, drop it, etc and it doesnt matter. Its nice to not have to worry.

Adrian (07.19.11, 4:18 PM): I read a review of several of these "ruggedized" cameras and hands down, the best one in the reviews I have seen was the panasonic Limix TS1. Kinda makes me want to go that route for my next P&S

Nomadic Samuel (07.19.11, 11:04 AM): Michael, I think these genre of cameras makes for an excellent companion along with your dSLR for extended travel. While the majority of my photos would still come from my dSLR this could be the backup for adventure sports or on days when the weather is iffy or the chances of me dropping the camera are higher.

Bill (07.19.11, 7:30 AM): I have the Olympus Stylus Tough. And yes, I paid about $400 for it. Great underwater camera, perfect for the beach! I can take a beating for sure. I don't hesitate to let my kids use it when they ask to. warning: because of the underwater capabilities, the microphone for video is less than desirable. But, overall it is a nice p&s