Luis (07.20.11, 12:46 AM): Michael, can you do a review comparing the 16-35 2.8 and the 17-40 2.5 which you described as an ideal lens for video!. I like the way you bring different concepts to the table without being too technical !

Abraham (07.19.11, 4:47 AM): I used to have this lens, until I dropped it into a pond while on a shoot. =( Maybe it was just my copy or maybe I'm just being really picky, but this wasn't the sharpest lens I had (the 70-200 2.8L IS remains the most tack sharp lens I have). That was my only complaint about this lens. Other than that, this lens offers great creative opportunities. I'm saving up for the 14mm and bypassing re-purchasing this one. Thanks for the reviews, Michael!

Michael Andrew (07.18.11, 6:24 PM): Thank you! Yes I am thinking about another 365, but now knowing how hard they are and how much work I have to get done, it may be a little while. Still need to finish the last one, I have like 10 images left! :)

Dean (07.18.11, 10:01 AM): So glad your posting more videos on lens and camera reviews :) Have you thought about doing another 365 project? Maybe a photograph of the beautiful Maui sunset each evening or when you get the chance :) I really enjoyed your 365 project last time. Really kept me motivated