Sabine (08.03.08, 1:12 AM): Fully Loaded or Not Fully Loaded, that is the question. In both cases, it IS fully processed and lots of therefore lots of toxins. NOT full of fresh/live/life-giving/life-supporting natural nutrients. 1700 mg? FULL of sodium: 1700 of 2000 mg daily allowance or 1600 allowable mg if one has high blood pressure or other circulatory challanges. Sorry, had to burst your bubble there. But of course we can indulge or splurge on something like this 2-4 times per year ;-)

Elizabeth (01.10.08, 1:40 PM): Why is it that you get 120% of your daily value of Vitamin A in the Beef soup, but only 25% in the "fully loaded" can? Hmmm...truly, what is it loaded with? Nice observation Holly, I had a good little laugh over that. :)

Holly (01.10.08, 12:11 PM): Apparently the difference is that you eat the "Fully Loaded" one with a fork and that's a pretty marketable detail, right?