Tom (07.05.11, 10:47 AM): There was so much action in that movie and of course I just kept watching for my scene so it's hard to say EXACTLY when I am in it but it was around the middle of the movie, and I know right after my scene there was a guy who grabbed a cage with a little truck in it and carried it away (if that helps). I was standing up behind some computers passing some paperwork to someone and I am facing the camera. I can send you a pic but with so much action I had to point out to my wife when my scene was on and she saw me clearly. However, if you don't know exactly when to look you'll miss me. Oh well. Once the DVD comes out I can tell people it is at minute/second in the movie. Don't you get dizzy on the road to Hana? This place is about halfway to Hana as I recall, have you been here? This is a beautiful waterfall literally on the ocean, crazy cool location, the pics on the site don't do it justice as to how pretty it is situated right on the ocean. I read from the article it might be sketchy now but might be worth a look. Let me know if you've been there.

Natalie (07.02.11, 2:16 PM): Glad to hear it was even better than the last. Wow! That is really impressive. Soo nice to have a good movie critic : )

MIchael Andrew (06.30.11, 10:13 PM): Tom! Thats so awesome! Which part of the movie was it? Send us a picture of your mug so we can all pick you out!

Tom (06.30.11, 8:28 PM): Saw it last night. I was in it! I filmed for 2 days and was on set for probably 12 hours at least but at least I got in there for about 5 seconds total and you can see my face so I thought that was pretty cool. It's amazing how much stuff they actually cut out, I was lucky to get in it for sure.