Tom (06.25.11, 8:59 PM): As I've told you before, put me down for the wedding DVD. Transformers in 3 days, I might be in it! Can't wait...

Michael Andrew (06.25.11, 6:24 PM): Thanks guys! I appreciate your support. Thats one of the reasons it is so expensive, I don't want everyone out there having it, so it tends to filter out those who are not serious about running a photography business. I will continue to track how sales go, once we break even on the BCC, I will look into finishing the WCC.

Abraham (06.25.11, 1:33 PM): Wow, low interest in the ""Business Photography Crash Course"? Really? It's a gold mine! After watching the DVD, my thought was, "I hope Michael discontinues the business DVD so that I can keep the competitive advantages to myself." I hope you keep up releasing these DVDs, Michael. You're doing an awesome job!

Jeremy (06.25.11, 10:01 AM): Oh no! Please finish the Wedding Photography Crash Course DVD! I would order it right now even before it was finished. All of your DVD's are awesome! Thanks for all the hard work that you put into them.

Michael Andrew (06.24.11, 8:34 PM): The Wedding Photography Crash Course is about 1/3 completed- however due to low interest of the "Business Photography Crash Course" which is really the 1st part of it, we may not continue production on it. Its still up in the air.

doug fulk (06.24.11, 6:14 PM): It looks like you are Really back from Japan. Home does feel good!!

Dirk (06.24.11, 9:44 AM): Hi Michael. Is the much anticipated wedding photographers DVD still planned? And if so, when are you looking at releasing it?