sassy1 (06.12.11, 5:45 PM): The variety of cloud services google provides are not very polished, yet are def the right price and useful for sharing data. On another note, I found the featured video in this domain of interest also. : )

JVc (06.12.11, 11:57 AM): It called my attention that this setup has 25.6GB of space. The free GMail has 7.6GB as of today. That alone makes the thing worth it, if one is reaching the free account limit. Thanks a lot for the info!

Alstare Photography (06.12.11, 10:47 AM): I have used Gmail for my business emails from my domain for a long time now. No need to pay anything, or code anything... I just set gmail to check my other accounts, you can both check and send from any other email addresses you setup in gmail.