Alexandra (06.13.11, 12:24 PM): I totally want one of these!

Michael Andrew (06.10.11, 5:36 PM): Hi Mark- I am not familiar with that program, but highly recommend photoshop- its what I use. As far as the camera becoming vulnerable after removing from the clip- this is a valid point. I am curious though if it will make carrying it easier (I really am not crazy about straps) or give me some interesting options with bags.

JVc (06.10.11, 4:25 PM): Mark, if I understood right you are complaining that your files, which had 6MB off the camera, has been reduced to 2MB in the software you mention. First of all, that does not mean that you lost megapixels, as the pictures can still have the 18MP that your camera generated. It happens that when you save a JPEG file, you can choose a number of parameters that allow a greater of smaller degree of compression of the data. When you save a file, it is natural that the amount of MB is lower than the amount generated by the camera, as the software often has a more aggressive compression scheme set as default, when compared with the camera default setup. If that does not suits you, you may simply change the compression parameters (seek for something related to "Quantization" and reduce that option, which will reduce compression and hence increase file size). You should notice, however, that file size alone does not mean much. Last but not least, this sort of question would be more suitable in teh forum portion of Michael's website. Here in the blog the space is available for comments on each message that Michael posted. This one has to do with a belt Clip for cameras, for instance. You shouold not expect further replies in this section of the website. Michael, do feel free to remove this reply if you find it unfit for this section, after all it is indeed unfit... Cheers!

Alex Rubio (06.10.11, 11:54 AM): Hey Michael, what do you think about JVC's commment regarding the camera being vulnerable without a strap?

Mark Jachniewicz (06.09.11, 6:56 PM): I am an amateur hobby photographer with Cannon 2ti.I bought your Canon t2- rebel crash course-Excellent.I am using Microsoft digital immage pro7 and notice that I am loosing megapixels from 6MB to 2 MB --Does the same thing happen in Photoshop???

Boz (06.08.11, 10:32 PM): I have the blackrapid, and do really like it - I actually don't like having all the strap though. I always use a handstrap rather than a neck strap, so this Belt Clip is appealing. Concerns me a bit though as he doesn't talk any about the safety features like what the Spider Holster system has to ensure your camera doesn't just come loose if you hit one button accidentally. I also like the idea that the spider holster system has the padded belt option as well. I like the Kick Starter web site too - Great Idea :)

JVc (06.08.11, 1:45 PM): I find this a bit strange. The camera is way too vulnerable once removed from the belt clip, as it does not have the strap attached to it... I do find the blackrapid solution to be much better, as it allows the camera to rest basically in the same position, but has the camera always attached to you, still allowing quick deployment. Have you tried ? I got their simpler model (RS4) and it is outstanding!