Tracy (04.11.11, 12:03 AM): On a lighter note... you look huge in the picture with everyone sitting down and eating. Like watching an adult try and ride a tricycle. :)

Chiba-Ken (04.10.11, 8:24 AM): my husband grew up in Sendai, his father, brothers (their families), Aunts, Uncles, cousins all live up and down the shore line of Miyagi-Ken... His Grandma (my MIL mom) with a few of her children, grandchildren and great grandchildren, live up around Kesennuma and the island called Oshima in that pennisula... it would be nice to know what towns you are in - it is great seeing what it they way it really is. My in-laws that I have spoken to on the phone say they are good. But like some of the people you have cared for - it is obvious that they do need... but are being humble and not saying much - except having good spirits. March 30th my husbands dad turned 71 years old, he rarely gets sick - and has a bad cold or "kaze" as he puts it... since after the 3/11 quake. I am enjoying your pictures... just wish I knew where you were.... Thank you for your hard work there.

Kjersti (04.09.11, 6:15 PM): Sorry about your entry being deleted, but thank you for taking the time to update with another version. That pizza had to have tasted so good to you!!! I'm glad you have shown us happy moments instead of just showing the tragedy there. All the news has been showing is tragedy and scaring people with the possibility of more tragedy happening there. I think it is important to show the other side, because it gives hope and with hope comes progress.