Kay Kamp (04.09.11, 12:58 AM): Michael, you do not know me, but I am helping to write the ESL program for MeySen. I know all (or most anyway) of those Bromans and have been in Sendai twice. Your blog has made the disaster even more real to me. I pray for all of you each day--as you continue seeking to offer help where it is needed. I fully understand how much you have grown to love the people there. I feel the same!

Daniel (04.09.11, 12:45 AM): Michael, I hope we get to meet you again before you head home. Please drop by the Meysen schools before you leave. You will see us back in action with the kids next week. You might even end up deciding that you want to come back as a teacher!

Samber (04.08.11, 11:40 PM): I've been following your postings on CNN ireport. I really appreciate the coverage that you've provided on Japan; SO much more rewarding than watching the tsunami hit over, and over. God bless.

Paul and Rose Douglas (04.08.11, 6:46 PM): Mike, every one will be very sad when you go home. Your blog will stop, and it has been so so informative. Our hearts too are knit with the Honda boys, Nathan, Josh, Tomio and the other Bromans. With all our hearts we wish we were there. Thanks, for your blog.

Kjersti (04.08.11, 4:34 PM): Seeing the joy on the man's face in the last photo brought me to tears. It is wonderful to see all of you, as a team, were able to bring joy into his life. You are right, the photo says it all. All of you are amazing!

Calvin King (04.08.11, 3:36 PM): Hi Mike, I would like to get involved in the relief effort. Do you know of anyone I can contact about sending aid and being a volunteer? Calvin King (email: calvinking70000@gmail.com, phone (504) 259-1357)

Tsuyoshi (04.08.11, 2:28 PM): Mike, your updates are awesome. I'm far away in Xi'an China enjoying the posts. I'll be reaching there next week, but not sure if you'll still be there. say hi to Tomio, Nathan and all the Hondas... I guess Josh was visiting? ... saw him in the snapshots today.

Bill (04.08.11, 1:42 PM): there is a great joy in serving others.....

Thad (04.08.11, 12:57 PM): This is a million-dollar picture, --the one with Nathan giving a truck to a man in need. Very good and uplifting report today Mike.

Priscila M. (04.08.11, 11:24 AM): Mike, Thanks for continuously sharing the awesome work being done in Japan and those helping from all over in different capacities. You are truly blessed :)

Kathy Abbot (04.08.11, 11:06 AM): Thanks for giving me a closer look. My friend, Janet McTaggart, told me about your blog. I just sent her a package 2 days ago. You've done an awesome job! GOD BLESS YOU.