canvas prints (08.29.13, 11:01 AM): Your dress is stunning. i would so love to have one for my wedding.

RENITA DENNIS (09.28.07, 12:09 PM): Michael, I love to look up your web site because you do such a great job in the information that you send out. I just LOVE your style as a Photograper and the one-on-one that you give your clients. Also I want to thank you again for the awesome Wedding Pictures of Kris and Keri. Will send anyone that wants the best Photographer around to your site. Renita

michael andrew (08.05.07, 11:56 PM): good to know...thanks caroline!

Caroline (08.05.07, 10:01 PM): I vote black!

Michael Andrew (08.04.07, 10:00 PM): Hey Keri and Renita! I am so glad you liked many to go many good pictures! Thank you for such a fun shoot! I had a wonderful time! TTYS!

RENITA DENNIS (08.04.07, 11:54 AM): Michael, LOVE LOVE LOVE the Beautiful pictures. My daughter Keri and her daughter Kinsley are soooo Beautiful in her Bridal shoot. I would like to thank you for driving from B-Ham to Montgomery yesterday for the shoot. You are an AWESOME PHOTOGRAPHER and I look forward to seeing you again at her wedding.

Keri (08.04.07, 9:05 AM): OMG!!! I LOVE them Michael Andrew.... you do such a wonderful job and you always make me smile!! It has been such a great experience so far with you I know I made the BEST choice possible!! Thank you for all the time and effort you put into your pictures it really shows!! Keri