christine (03.28.11, 11:27 AM): Watched Mark's special. The entire episode was very moving. Had tears rolling for an entire hour. Personally having gone through a VERY similar scenario, lifetime presented it as accurately as possible, but there still is so much emotional intensity in the situation that is LIFE ALTERING. The loss of a loved one is always hard in any situation. I can't find the words to convey the emotions for a situation of a lost soldier there's something deeper that rocks your soul maybe it's watching how their commrads are so stoic and how they show the HIGHEST level of respect to the fallen and families. Maybe it's seeing the family pay the ultimate price. I can't put it into words and I pray every day that no one else has to live with the life altering pain of lossing someone they love and cry every night that another family will be having that experience. God bless Mark's family. It's been 5 years for us. It doesn't get easier, but some of the numbness does wear off.

Kathy (03.28.11, 8:48 AM): You can find Mark's full show on line here: