Leah Tinker (03.26.11, 1:53 AM): This is AWESOME!!!! :) I feel smarter already!!! haha!! I am prob. one of the world's biggest gum chewers! I always have 3-4 different flavors and packs of gum in my purse and backpack. I have been getting in trouble for years in dance classes and other classes for chewing gum! I never knew all of these facts! I love it - thanks for sharing!! Glad you picked up the habit with me Mike! :) Now we can share likes & dislikes on new flavors or kinds of gum!! LoL!

Doug Fulk (03.08.11, 5:53 PM): If you blow a big enough bubble, you can make a Wrigley Fong diffuser out of it.

Michael Andrew (03.07.11, 2:59 PM): Point taken. When a scientific paper is published, they are pretty much inviting the world to do the same tests and get the same results. There have been many studies that have confirmed what they have found and many of the links posted here and what you will find on Google are not related to Wrigley. I would suggest to try it out and see if it helps!

Jauvane (03.07.11, 7:17 AM): Isn't Wrigley one of the major gum manufacturers? This sounds a bit like the research (sponsored by cigarette manufacturers) that states that smoking is actually good for someone ... One side effect of chewing too much gum could be overstressed jaw muscles...