Derrick (03.04.11, 4:33 PM): Great catch Michael! I was think of adding the 320EX just for the video light but I may wait now especially if the future EX's may include and updated 580 EX II.

Jauvane (03.04.11, 11:30 AM): I am holding off the acquisition of another 580EXII exactly because I am awaiting an upgrade soon... It may be just around the corner...

Elisha J. Schabel (03.03.11, 11:44 PM): this is exciting!

Toby Roybal (03.03.11, 11:30 PM): I have 2 580 EX IIs but would love this for video opportunities!

Noel Del Pilar (03.03.11, 11:13 PM): This feature can in prove Fusion Photographers in the market. Also for LED creative still shot. We need to wait to see.

Jake Ross (03.03.11, 11:08 PM): I didn't even know about the 320. Thats great news.