Tracy (03.05.11, 7:31 AM): Yay Mike! I can't wait!!!

Kathy (03.03.11, 10:22 PM): I'm so glad you've done this, Michael! And proud of you!!!!!!

MIchael Andrew (03.03.11, 4:28 PM): Hey Brian! I will always be so thankful to you for going there with me. If it wasnt for you and Rick, I never would have met Mathieu or gotten hooked up with the Salvation Army. You are in much of the beginning parts of the story. I hope you enjoy it!

Brian Owen (03.03.11, 3:51 PM): YEAH!!! That's Awesome Michael. Let me know if you need any pics I took down there, although I was only down there a week. Can't wait to read it. What you did down there was awesome. Here is a link to the Earthquake box I made the week I got back from Haiti on the Airforce Cargo Plane with Rick: , my way of fleshing out a bit of what I experienced. Once again keep up the great work. I'll be heading back this summer hopefully with COTN now that they are working with the children down there in Haiti.

Rob (03.03.11, 11:57 AM): You never cease to amaze me! Very exciting news and I anticipate the release!

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