Budd Johnon (04.28.11, 6:18 PM): I would a chance to try out app. Looks like it could be a cool app.

Jay (03.03.11, 2:26 PM): I too would like to test it :-)

Steve Engle (03.03.11, 1:19 PM): Hi Michael, You have been busy! Yes Id really like to try/test/review it please. I am interested to see how it performs all the way down here in New Zealand:-) Cheers, Steve

Michael Andrew (03.02.11, 5:41 PM): @Matt #1 - Steno is iPad native, and while the Texting feature doesnt work on Steno- the email version DOES! If you have the person's phone email addy, you can email them the same thing!

Steven K (03.02.11, 5:03 PM): Oh man...this is SICK! :) Thank you for making this!

Aaron (03.02.11, 1:56 PM): Great new feature! Also works great it someone doesn't know exactly where they are.

Dan R (03.02.11, 1:40 PM): Michael I tested the GPS-Text feature out this morning. ITS AWESOME!!

Matt Baldwin (03.02.11, 11:16 AM): Is it avialable for the Driod X?

Gary Jordan (03.02.11, 10:54 AM): Sounds cool Michael I would love to try it out!

Matt (03.02.11, 10:15 AM): do you think it will be available on the IPAD in the future?

Dad (03.02.11, 3:58 AM): Congratulations Mike. I know you have worked very hard on this single feature.

Alex (03.02.11, 2:53 AM): Looks interesting, I would like to try it. Can I?

Mrtax2005 (03.02.11, 2:18 AM): its a great idea this GPS-Text Messaging feature ! i like it and i hope to try it! TKK