Abdullah (03.14.11, 11:00 AM): no comment will discribe the magicle photo... best wishes

Kerry (02.27.11, 4:18 PM): Thanks, Michael! Your lollipops action set really makes a difference! I'm really considering purchasing it now! :P

Kerry (02.25.11, 3:44 PM): I was wondering if you could also post this same picture before you edited it. I would love to see how much of a difference your Lollipops Action Set makes! Thanks!

Boz (02.25.11, 3:28 PM): hmmmm, are you just trying to make me jealous? We are having another snow storm here :D

Drew (02.25.11, 12:04 PM): Amazing as always Michael!!! I'll have to sit in front of a heater to emulate the temps you've been getting!

Andre Johnson (02.25.11, 9:16 AM): WOW!

MVP46 (02.25.11, 7:28 AM): Simply beautiful shot

Suman (02.25.11, 6:37 AM): Amazing colors......