Daniel (02.18.11, 8:25 AM): Vote++ :-) Good luck with this great picture, Michael.

Eva (02.16.11, 8:57 PM): Yes, not only can You vote twice. Tell your friends to do the same. Let us see to it that Michael wins this award!! We all know he has earned it!!!

Eva (02.16.11, 8:43 PM): Yes you can vote every day! I am!! Fine work Michael. Yes, it is a huge stage!! You have good reasons to be excited!!!

Jas Sumal (02.16.11, 5:09 PM): Well done! Just voted! Good luck.

Lisa B (02.16.11, 3:20 PM): Amazing story!! I voted and good luck! You are truly an inspiration!

Bill (02.16.11, 6:33 AM): voted....good luck.

Michael Andrew (02.16.11, 4:17 AM): Thanks everyone for your support! Its a pretty big stage, so just being nominated is huge for me. I think you can vote everyday if you like. I appreciate everyones input and votes- thank you so much!

Kjersti (02.16.11, 2:43 AM): Just voted as well. Good luck.

Shannon Morgan Photography (02.16.11, 12:24 AM): Done did it :)!

Rob (02.15.11, 11:46 PM): Got my vote M! Good luck!

Kathy (02.15.11, 10:10 PM): You have my vote for sure! I think that what you were able to accomplish while you were there was even more deserving of recognition! You made a tremendous difference there for those children!

Colleen Bradberry (02.15.11, 7:50 PM): Wonderful news!! a much deserved recognition. Love, Colleen

Tasha Ramstad (02.15.11, 7:19 PM): I voted for you Michael...great job and an honour indeed!

Andrew (02.15.11, 6:01 PM): What an honor... Congrats

Anthony Chabot (02.15.11, 4:22 PM): Voted. Great work, Michael, as always.

Scott Roeben (02.15.11, 4:15 PM): Congrats, Michael. Voted, and will help get the word out!