joe (04.28.11, 5:54 AM): way too close for the 24...use it proper to correct the distortions if your gonna get that close, or try the 45mm. might wanna ease up on the sharpening too dude or use masks to sharpen just the already infocus sense in sharpening a blurred shifted area now is there?

Alex Rubio (02.10.11, 11:31 PM): I like the effects it produces when shooting a crowd or scenes that make them look like miniatures, would you shoot a few of those Michael...?

cam newton (02.03.11, 10:52 AM): tilt shift is over rated, imo. The feet in the first pic look enormous. good colors, though.

Jaimie Dee - Atlanta Wedding Photographer (02.02.11, 3:39 PM): Super cool glare shots! Love it! :)

Matt (02.02.11, 12:25 PM): I'm thankful you are doing these tests so that I know whether this would be a good investment for me. I def. DO NOT like the results enough to fork out 2K!

John Scott (02.02.11, 10:29 AM): It will be interesting to see what you come up with once you get your mind wrapped around this lens' strengths and weaknesses. I'm sure you'll want to avoid having your customers looking like children of extraterrestrials.