Tracy (01.27.11, 10:58 PM): I really like the short but I can understand wanting to change up a look. Honestly, you remind me of a guy I his younger years. (No worries, he was good lookin' too)

Dad (01.25.11, 10:18 PM): I have always felt that reinventing yourself occasionally is good clean fun. Your hair looks great - enjoy it until you're tired of it. As a kid, my mother insisted I had a crew cut. Then the Army insisted I had a crew cut. Then BYU wanted it short. Now I do it my way and I'm happier.

Ryan (01.25.11, 2:38 PM): looks great.. keep it for sure.

Kjersti (01.25.11, 1:30 PM): One of the nice things about Maui is that nobody feels you have to look a certain way. I know living here has freed me in the sense that I am not trapped in my bathroom spending time making sure my hair is perfect prior to leaving. One way of wearing my hair might look better, but I am able to walk out the door with wet hair, crazy curly air dried hair, hair tied up in a bun or a pony tail, or blow dried flat ironed hair and each style is acceptable. I know I am curious to see what you will look like with longer hair. Why not change it up while you still have the option. Welcome home Mike.