Alex Rubio (01.21.11, 4:24 PM): Absolutely amazing, I'm sure he can sell quite a few of them, fabulous...!

Mark Iuzzolino (01.21.11, 11:00 AM): Michael, what size digital screens were they? Very cool.

Scott Roeben (01.20.11, 8:34 PM): That is just SO clever! The drive ports on the side is true genius.

Mindy (01.20.11, 5:47 PM): I love this. That is the best idea ever. I would love to see how it is made. I would save my tons for my my mom and dads 9 kids and all of there grand kids. Please show us how it was done. PLEASE!!!!!

Boz (01.20.11, 3:53 PM): Wow ! That is incredible!! No kidding that is organized. You guys should send this into Photojojo to see what kind of response you get! Nice Job! :D

Julia Shinkle (01.20.11, 3:50 PM): He is a genius!