Dean (02.12.11, 10:11 PM): Michael, I'm curious to know what you workout plan is :) My goal is 1 hour a day 5 days a week. All cardio. Treadmill, spin express, row machine ect. Do you mix it up with free weights and cardio? Cheers.

Joseph (01.13.11, 10:40 PM): A superb upper body toner are pullups. 5 sets of 10 reps each twice a week will do the job. Spinning classes? Why not just ride your bike since you're in Hawaiii?

Punman (01.12.11, 7:11 AM): I agree. I train in Jujutsu, and after having a break over the holidays, I was feeling very lethargic and apathetic. Trained lasted night, and bang, I'm back on top. :) I go even when I am feeling a bit off, cuase it always makes me feel better after a good training session.

Julia Shinkle (01.11.11, 11:28 PM): I agree 100%!!!

Pranita (01.11.11, 10:14 PM): You always talk (in your blogs) very right .