Drewski (12.31.10, 5:33 PM): The T2i DVD will:)

Lori (12.31.10, 4:43 PM): Just received a T2ifor Christmas. I am anxious to use it but I have only used a point and shoot up until now. Will this DVD explain how my camera works Thanks

Steve Engle (12.30.10, 8:43 PM): Michael - thanks I've been waiting for this as it starts the new year off nicely:-) My wife got the 60D and I got the 7D for Xmas so a matching 'his and hers' book set is a must! Keep up the excellent work - I really enjoy your site and tips. Cheers from New Zealand!

John Scott (12.30.10, 4:00 PM): I am wondering how the 60D's built-in flash transmitter compares to the ST-E2 that I am using on my 550D. Any comments?