Boris Mitendorfer (01.12.11, 3:56 PM): Awesome movie! I never seen such a perfect documentary on a Shuttle!

Alex Rubio (12.24.10, 2:37 AM): Hey Rob, I calculate that glass to be at or around the 500k mark, being that Canon's 1200 goes for 120k, wow...! I could not find it anywhere, but I did find the largest one wich is a Canon 5200!, check it out:

JackiePaper (12.23.10, 9:05 PM): IMAX material. What a nice end of year treat. Thank you for sharing. Mele Kalikimaka btw if you make it over to Oahu I'll buy you a much deserved mai tai at Dukes Waikiki.

Rob (12.23.10, 1:00 PM): Wow, what a cool video. How would you like to have a 4000mm lens weighing in at 250lbs? That has to be one expensive piece of glass!

Alex Rubio (12.23.10, 12:04 PM): Absolutely AMAZING video, thank you Tom and Michael for sharing it...

Alex Rubio (12.23.10, 11:16 AM): Thanks for everything you've done Michael, it has been a rough year, take some time off and go shooting for fun, you deserve it... Merry Christmas...

Punman (12.23.10, 7:25 AM): Michael, you are a powerhouse. Thank you for all your effort. Enjoy a well deserved break.